Hey all.

Guess what?

Many things, that's what. We've got a single on the way soon. Our song "Demons Don't Dance" is the lead single from our upcoming album. How soon? June 22nd. That's how soon. Artwork is below. We've got a show coming up, too. Reggie's Rock Club, 2109 S State Street. Sunday, July 22nd. 3pm. We're reeeeally excited about this. We'll be limiting ourselves to mostly new material. TO PROMOTE the show, we've got a good 'ol raffle set up. You are NOT obligated to participate but to help us get out there and give you guys a bit of a treat, we'll be playing a private acoustic or electric show (your choice) for three of YOU. You can invite whoever and the raffle STARTS NOW and ends July 6th. There are rules though.

1. BUY A TICKET. This does not mean you will have to do the raffle, but it does mean you will be going to the show in July. Each ticket bought is one entry into the raffle. If you do not want to be entered in the raffle, PLEASE SPECIFY.

2. Make sure you have space. An acoustic show would not be a problem for this, at least we hope it wouldn't. An electric show would need whoever's permission you need. Be it neighbors, parents, etc. We are loud. Have outlets, too. We will bring a power strip regardless. If you do NOT have space, do NOT enter the raffle. PLEASE buy a "regular" ticket (no raffle, just the show). PM US TO BUY TICKETS. We can mail you them OR we can meet up with you.

NOT ONLY is there a raffle, but we will be playing a garage show and a few of your favorite local bands may come out and play with us. We'll be selling tickets before and after we play. We'll hang out with you guys. We'll do an acoustic AND an electric performance. It'll be fun. The address for that is here.

Garage Event:
4938 W. Wolfram St.
Chicago, Il.

For individual sales, or if you are not interested the events, we'll talk with you. Please contact the following emails:

If email isn't your thing, get to the band through their social media listed on the "BAND" tab.

So that's it. Show is on JULY 22ND, Demons Don't Dance is to be released on JUNE 22ND. Get your ear-holes ready. It'll be available on ALL online streaming platforms, and you can download it from our website.



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