Recording: Day One/Two

Finding our sound took a minute with help from Eric, but after tweaking a few things from our first session we have two songs done. Mastering has yet to happen for either but we finished the instrumentals for Demons Don't Dance and Mister/Misses. Both sound fucking GREAT from the takes we got for not being finished. No vocals yet. We have four other songs pretty much ready to be recorded and another three/four to be finished. We go back to record again in three weeks. So far at this rate with what we have written now, we'll be recording a LOT more songs during each session. As much as I personally would like to spend a lot of time recording, we don't really need to spend a lot of time in there. We'll need the money we save from work for other things. Got to say, though. I'm pretty excited. We've been writing more and more since, we have about ten or so songs to pick through. From rehearsals alone those are sounding pretty kickass too. I can't wait to show everyone the new stuff, we're gonna try re-scheduling a show and get a few more in over the summer. As for a release of the new music, I'm not too sure. Maybe before school starts back up or during that. Maybe we'll hold on to it for the right time next year, or when we have all the money available for physical copies and other merch.

- Brady


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